What services does GETECO offer?

GETECO connects people from the new and used machine tools, shipyard equipment, construction machinery industry and solar technologies between Europe and the Far East.

GETECO supports Far Eastern partners, sourcing machines and equipment in Europe matching their specific needs.

GETECO’s personal service is concerned with supporting European makers in setting up a business strategy for the Far Eastern market, in particular in Korea, and in developing your business. Together we work on marketing plans, promotions and sales for your products. Projects with GETECO do not end with realising a single deal. We are permanently in touch with our makers in Europe and the end users in the Far East.

GETECO’s after sales service ensures a long lasting relationship and continuous business for partners on both sides.

GETECO trades in the following areas:

  • New and Used Machine Tools for Automotive-, Heavy Duty-, Aircraft Industries
  • Shipyard Equipment
  • Construction Machinery and Equipment
  • Supply of Industrial Components and Solar Technologies